Photoshop for Idiots – Part 2

PART – II : The toolbox and using the toolbox

When you start the application the toolbox appears on the left hand side of your screen as a narrow strip as shown.These contain various tools which I will illustrate with examples one by one

1.The Marquee tools.

This is the first tool you can see in the toolbox represented as a dotted square. It is used for making selections – rectangular , horizontal , circular , elleptical etc. They may be selected for various reasons. Usually for cutting and pasting parts of an image.If you right click on it you can see the four different types. Use them as needed

 2.The Move tool.

This one moves selections, layers or guides. No explanation needed

 3.The Lasso tool

It makes freehand , polygonal and magnetic(snap) selections. Usually when we cut out a face from a picture we use these tools.I prefer the magnetic lasso as it automatically tries to detect edges.When you click the path and move from your start point back to your same start point the selection will turn dotted.

4.The Magic Wand tool

This tool selects similarly coloured areas.It may not be very accurate. But sometimes it can save time for selections.


5.The Crop tool

The crop tool trims images. Simply select the part to be cropped. Then click on Crop

  6.The Slice tool and Slice Selection Tool.

The slice tool allows you to make “slices” of your layout if you are designing a webpage or something.You can right click on the document select Divide Slice and use it.

The slice selection tool will help you select those slices

7.The Healing Brush tool

This tool will help you repait something like an old photograph which has some irregularities as shown. You have to define a source point. i.e a part/pattern of the image will be copied onto the place where you need to fix it so that it will look smooth and original. You must move your cursor and Alt-Click. Then move your pointer over the image that needs fixing.


Here you can see the faint black line that I am repairing. I have alt-clicked a little to the right of the line so the same pattern is being copied.

You can do this for faces to fix any pimples , smooth out skin cuts etc.

The Red eye tool is used to remove the red eye effect that you get when you shoot pictures at night.


8.The Magic Eraser and Eraser tools.

The eraser tool is used to erase parts of images and the Magic eraser will automatically cut out similarly couloured areas. For example as shown







9.The Gradient Tool / Paint Bucket tool

The gradient tool will let you create gradients which you can edit in the gradient editor by clicking where the mouse pointer is in the image. The paint bucket tool will let you fill a selectionwith a single colour







10.Brush Tool

This is a very important tool as  if you plan to create your own artwork you will be downloading new brushes and using them. A brush can of different types shapes sizes and even custom made like the bubbles and hands. Which you need to download and install of course. Or most of them are built in. You may select the hardness thickness diameter etc from the top left corner


Other tools:

Text tool (T) for inserting various types of text and rotating/distorting it etc



Rectangular (Different Shapes) tool can be used for different shaped

Blur tool ( Looks like a water drop) used for blurring parts of an image.

Sharpen and Smudge tools are also available under the Blur tool. Just right click it.

Zoom tool (Magnifying glass) for zooming in and out

Clone stamp tool – looks like a stamp or a camera. Similar to the healing  tool and same working.Repeats a pattern or an image after defining a source point

Thats it! Now we are ready to actually do some work!



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