Part III: Photoshop for Idiots

PART III: Photoshop for Idiots

Basic Photo Editing

Open up your favourite photo in photoshop with the File -> Open. Ive selected one of my own.  There is no such fixed procedure for photos but generally there are some basic things that you should learn to do

1.The levels


Original Image

Original Image

 The levels tool can move and stretch brightness levels in a histogram using three main components: a black point, white point and midtone slider. We play with these sliders until we get the right brightness,colour,contrast. Ususally start by slowly pushing the white point and black point sliders inwards first. Then adjust the midtone. If you overdo it you will lose colour


When you push them inwards you may get the consistency something close to this

Post level

Post levels

 You can also select the Red/Blue/Green channel individually. for example in this one there is a lot of blue. So we can adjust the Blue Channel.

2.The Curves

(Image -> Adjustment -> Curves)

The Curves affects the tone of the picture and can effectively stretch or compress them. The presets will do for now.I’ve chosen the “darker” preset. There are others too depending upon what you want your photo to look like. You can also try clicking and adjusting the curve. Unlike levels this tool lets you control how different individual parts of the same picture will look.

 3.The colour balance     

   This tool is pretty straightforward. I want to bring out a little bit of red from the clouds. So I’ve jacked up the red and blue. You can apply this for only shadows and highlights too.

Post Colour Balance

4.The Exposure  

      You can correct your exposure with this tool. I want a darker more grungy exposure.So Ive applied the settings above.Notice that Ive also cropped it and added my watermark with the text tool.Thats it your done! This is the final picture.Final Image

You may also prefer to use the Brightness Contrast / Hue Saturation tools to improve our output


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