Create your own trance,rock,pop songs! Professionally on your computer! Without a single Instrument!

Ever listened to Armin Van Buuren , Dj Tiesto trance songs and wondered if you could try ? Ever wanted to create your own songs but never had the cash? Here’s just the thing for you!


FL Studio 9 by Image-line!

This is the most amazing piece of software I have come across by far. This software will allow you to create, edit, mix your own drum samples, make your own loops for techno/trance songs. You can use built in drum-loops or make your own. It has support for a lot of musical instruments. If you ever fall short you can always download your own sound samples or plugins from their website.

The basic layout is somewhat like this –

Main FL Studio Window

On the extreme left you can see the Browser window which allows you to see all the files and sound samples available as also plugin presets.

In the middle you can see the Pattern Sequencer. The sound sample can be triggered on or off by clicking the switch-like buttons.

Pattern Sequencer

You start off with a basic Kick,Clap,Snare,Hihat. After that you add your own channels according to your requirements.

You get a piano-roll interface to find the exact notes. There are Bassline synthesizers built in. You just have to play around a little to get the beats right. If you try the one above you might get an idea.

The TS404(or any other) will sound a bit boring alone on its own. So try and send it to an ‘FX’ channel, and apply different effects.

Effects/Send Window

The easiest to start with for a techno preset are the Fruity Delay Bank which gives a nice delay effect. Recorded vocals can use the Vocodex plugin.

If you have a MIDI compatible keyboard at home you can enter your notes directly into fruity loops. Dont have one? no worries! Just type with your normal keyboard and hit record.

Also you can use the Hardcore Plugin to experience real AC/DC guitar like-effects. Just like the real ones.

Hardcore Plugin

What are you waiting for? Navigate to and download your free trial!

Dont believe me? Try listening to this created on Fruity Loops.

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