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Snow Leopard 10.6.2 on HP 530 Fully loaded

Snow Leo

Snow leopard on HP530

After hours of tinkering and downloading kexts , distros, finally I managed to get Snow Leopard Working on my HP530.

Here are the specs of my HP 530


Core 2 Duo 1.6 Ghz T5 series

Intel GMA 950 Graphics

2GB DDR Laptop RAM

Intel PRO/8245 Ethernet and Wireless

Realtek HD Audio (On 7)

Chameleon 2RC4 bootloader with Mac OS X 10.6 / Win 7 / Snow Leo Dual boot

Installed Kexts/Drivers: [ Available in file attached below ]

1.Graphics – Intel GMA 950 (0x27AE) series kexts. Please note I had to add the device-properties UUID to the apple com.boot.apple.plist so that it detects it.[Full Resolution with acceleration]

2.Audio – VoodooHDA (fixes the mic and headphone ports and makes them work )

3.PS/2 Controller – Synaptics Apple PS2 controller

4.Ethernet – Intel 8255x controller.

5. Wireless – Intel PRO Wireless [Does not support encryption] http://code.google.com/p/iwidarwin/

6.Power – VoodooBattery / VoodooMiniPower (Google it) Enables Speedstep required for greater battery life and less overheating

Download Netbook Pack here

Download Trackpad kext here

Download Ethernet Card kext here

Download Extensions folder here

Netbook Pack contains IntelGMA950 x27AE specially for HP530 and voodoo battery meter/hda kexts along with com.apple.boot.plist which you need to place in your extra folder to run snow leo.

My method

After reading hundreds of different tutorials I decided to do it my own way. I downloaded SNOW OSX 3.5 , burned it to a DVD and tried to run it. It gave a kernel panic with something about page fault error type 14 and forced me to restart.

This is a problem with HP Laptops. I cannot set it to IDE through the bios I can just enable or disable the native SATA mode which in my opinion does not make a difference. Also I did not know about the DSDT or what it is used for.

Also I wanted to triple boot it on MBR partitions. This was a major problem.

1. Installed Kalyway’s Distro  10.5.2 to DISK 1. Updated it to 10.5.6 following the update guides given. Used Chameleon 2 RC4 and EFI 9. (RC4 and EFI 9 or 10 is MUST)

2. Then Downloaded Snow Leo Distro SNOWOSX. Burned it to a DVD.

3.Booted into Leopard. Browsed to the System/ Install/ Folder to a file called OSInstall.mpkg

4.Formatted DISK 2 on which snow leo was to be installed. Installed Snow leopard with the file above. DO NOT RESTART AT THIS POINT.

5.Installed Chameleon 2 RC4 and EFI v10 on the other drive too.  Replaced the mach_kernel with the voodoo one and the boot file which I got from somewhere

6.Find the DSDT GUI Patcher on the drive. Run it. Select the drive you are going to install Snow on. Do not select any other drive. Hit the Make DSDT button or whatever. You should see a dsdt file on the drive root now.

7.Make a new folder called “Extra”. Copy com.apple.boot.plist from the netbook pack, and also copy the dsdt file here too. Next make a folder called Extensions. Copy the extensions you want it to load on startup. Best way is to copy the extensions folder from your working Leopard. Pay attention to IntelPIIXATA. Read threads about the IOFamily kext causing problems with SATA.

8.I deleted the IntelPIIXATA file. Downloaded fakesmc from netkas. Deleted the DSMOS inside the installed snow leopard drive in  S/L/E

9.Restart. Select the snow leo drive. Type -v cpus=1 arch=i386 rd=diskAsB where A and B are the identifiers for your drive. You need cpus=1 or it just wont start.

8.If you get a waiting for root device message there are a lot of ways to solve this. Its a problem with the SATA drive. Play around with the IOATAfamily kext. I deleted it and I got no kernel panic. That file caused a page fault for me and snow leo wouldnt boot. Add the UUID string for the disk if you need to in the com.apple.boot.plist file in the Extra Folder

9.Snow leo should start with 1024×768 and no graphics/ethernet/sound working

10. Use kext helper. Install the kexts one by one. Restart

There you go a working Snow leo install with almost no kernel panic!